Lean Leaders in Aerosol and Liquid Contract Packaging


Roll-fed Labeling

As an alternative to printed cans, Aerofil now has the ability to offer our customers high-speed, roll-fed labeling. Our labeler is installed on one of our most flexible high-speed aerosol filling lines. The strategic placement of our labeler allows us the ability to label any type of product, regardless of propellant choice.

Shrink Sleeving

The installation of a high-speed shrink sleever, accessible from two separate aerosol filling lines, allows us the ability to offer our customers added value and marketing options. The shrink sleever has the ability to sleeve individual cans, or to create twin-packs, on-line.


Our two high-speed bundlers allow us the ability to offer our customers a number of packout configurations without having to double handle product off-line. This allows us to keep labor costs low, while meeting your customers requirements. This equipment allows us to run your club-packs, without double handling the product.


Our optimal propellant systems are capable of handling hydrocarbons, DME, 152a, 134a, 1234ze, Nitrogen and CO2. The propellant tank farm at Aerofil has 177,000 gallons of propellant storage.

Aerosol Contract Filling

Aerofil offers complete, full-service aerosol formulation and packaging capabilities to meet all customers needs.

As a Contract Packager, flexibility is the key to our success. Our aerosol filling department, which features seven aerosol filling lines has the ability to handle all of your unique requirements. Aerosol Lines 3, 4, 5, and 7 are our high-speed rotary aerosol filling lines. The four high-speed rotary aerosol filling lines feature roll-fed labeling, aluminum can handling, twin-pack shrink sleeving, bundling and travel size can capabilities. Aerosol Lines 1, 2 and 6 are our indexing aerosol lines. The three indexing aerosol filling lines are set up to provide maxiumum flexibility.

Aerofil features dedicated tank farms and associated formulation rooms for each Value Stream. We are capable of multiple concentrate filling and special formulation blending. We have stainless steel mixing tanks, capable of batch sizes up to 12,000 gallons and raw material storage capability of more than 600,000 gallons.

  • Four automated high-speed rotary aerosol filling lines.
  • Three indexing aerosol filling lines that provide maximum flexibility to handle any type of product or special packaging.
  • EPA Registered
  • High-speed aluminum can packaging capabilities.
  • Reliable safety systems to comply with all environmental standards, propellant charging protocols and regulatory requirements.