Lean Leaders in Aerosol and Liquid Contract Packaging

Liquid Line Six

Mass Flow Filler

Our Pneumatic Scale 30-Head Mass Flow Filler is the showpiece of Liquid Line 6. With a +/- accuracy of 0.1 grams, you can be assured of the highest degree of fill accuracy available.

Capper/Trigger Insertion

Liquid Line 6 features a capper/trigger inserter mono-blocked to the filler and is rated for 150 bottles per minute.

Dual Head Labeler

The Pago Dual Head Labeler is equipped with a vision inspection system to ensure the correct placement of both front and back labels. Dual heads allow the line to run continuously while rolls of labels are changed.

Robotic Palletizer

Liquid Line 6 features a robotic palletizer to cut down on labor charges and increase efficiency. Product goes from the palletizer to our robotic stretchwrapper, directly onto a trailer for shipping.

Liquid Contract Filling

From flammable solvents to water-based formulas, we have the expertise to handle all your needs from formulation to packaging.

Our liquid filling department features three liquid filling lines, all offering something unique. In 2012, Aerofil introduced Liquid Line Six, a revolutionary liquid packaging line that was featured on the cover of Packaging Digest, and was named as one of the Top 8 Packaging Lines in the United States. Liquid Line Six is a fully automated, high-speed filling line that features a 30-head Mass Flow Filler with a mono-blocked capper and trigger inserter. Along with Liquid Line Six, we built a brand new formulation room that features stainless steel tanks with side sweeps, a small tank for pilot batches, and heating and cooling capabilties.

  • One high-speed, fully automated 30-head rotary filler with mono-blocked trigger/cap insertion.
  • One line featuring two rotary fillers with 20 heads that fill from eight ounces to 1 gallons, depending upon your packaging needs.
  • One line featuring an inline filler, and a mini-filler that is capable of running small, very accurate fills. Due to both fillers being inline, this line does not require change parts.
  • EPA registered
  • Labeling capabilities include pressure sensitive and cold glue applications.
  • Induction sealing and lot code identification, including time stamp, are also available when required.