Lean Leaders in Aerosol and Liquid Contract Packaging

Mission Statement

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and the driving force in delivering the highest quality products, in the shortest amount of time, with the greatest overall value to our customers.


Our goal is to promote the continuous development of all our associates and enhance the skills necessary for company growth, process improvement and cost reduction in an extremely competitive global marketplace. We strive to create lasting, dedicated partnerships with our customers and suppliers, and develop new and innovative processes for marketing opportunities, future growth and supply chain cost reduction.


ATI has adopted the Lean practices of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and has begun an ongoing journey of continuous improvement across the entire supply chain.

We believe the greatest value we can deliver to our customers is the total elimination of waste and non-valued activities through recognized worldwide practices of continuous improvement. We believe our employees are the true key to our success as they are the "real experts" that live and see the processes at ATI first hand every day. They have personally developed and implemented the many practices of their knowledge of ATI's business model across the enterprise, which makes us the successful company we are today.

Through our continuous improvement efforts blending the learnings of TPS with our many years of industry knowledge and experience, we are driving system-wide value in regard to Human Development, Quality, Delivery and Cost for our customers. Working together, side-by-side with our employees, customers and suppliers, we will continually drive the greatest values and results ever achieved, not only today, but every day as we move forward with our continuous improvement culture.