Lean Leaders in Aerosol and Liquid Contract Packaging

Changeover Time Reuction

The Initial State of the Aerosol Line 5 Gasser changeover was 110 minutes. After the SMED event, the confirmed state was 25 minutes and 51 seconds, a 76% improvement!

Improved Flexibility

A 76% reduction in changeover time has allowed Aerofil to run more products, more frequently.

SMED Case Study

Improving Gasser changeover times through SMED events.

At one point in time, the gasser on Aerosol Line 5 was identified through downtime frequency sheets as the piece of equipment with the highest average changeover time.

The gasser on Aerosol Line 5 had the highest average changeover time at 107 minutes, as identified by the Aerofil Downtime Frequency Sheet. Reducing that changeover time would allow Aerofil to better support their customers needs. The six person Rapid Improvement Event Team made an aggressive goal, aiming for a 50% reduction in changeover time.

The solution approach for the team was to:

    Move internal activities to external
    Eliminate adjustments by changing to settings
    Kaizen remaining internal tasks
    Standardize the set-up process and make it visual
    Establish methods to assure sustainment of the gains and continued improvement

The rapid experiment performed by the team with the most dramatic impact was to modify the can locators so that tools were not necessary to change them out. By making this portion of the changeover tool-less, the team saved 22 minutes of downtime.

When the week started, the Aerosol Line 5 gasser took 110 minutes to changeover. After the weeklong Rapid Improvement Event, the gasser changeover time was reduced to 25 minutes and 51 seconds, a 76% improvement.

Things that helped the team:

    Having lots of experienced people on the team
    New SMED module was easy to follow
    Everyone was open minded with the Rapid Experiments
    Being able to shut down the line any time the team needed it
    Rapid Experiments went very well