Lean Leaders in Aerosol and Liquid Contract Packaging

R&D Specialties


Our R&D team specializes in working with our customers to create new formulations from scratch, or improve on their existing formulations. Whether a reformulation to reduce cost, or improve performance, our Technical Group has the resources to provide our customers with award winning formulas.


Our Technical Group has all the resources needed to ensure your product meets weights and labeling requirements, test for product appearance and performance attributes, and to complete stability testing.


Our Technical Group continuously works with our suppliers to develop new technologies and performance attributes for our customers products. When you partner with Aerofil, you can be assured our Technical Group will keep you on the cutting edge of innovation.

Technical Services

Testing, technical resource support, and complete product and formulation analysis.

A leader in the aerosol and liquid contract packaging industry, ATI consistently delivers its customers the highest-level of quality in the market today. Our Technical and Quality Department assures that all products packaged at ATI meet or exceed customer requirements and specifications. Our analytical laboratories and technical personnel use the very latest test methods and instrumentation to follow disciplined standard operating procedures.

Our Lean Manufacturing philosophy governs the way we operate and our laboratory is continually improving its test procedures to offer the greatest value to our customers. Our Research and Regulatory team is dedicated to finding and creating solutions that meet your company or product's regulatory and environmental standards.

Our laboratory operates in a 24 / 7 environment with a full complement of both technological and analytical support personnel for around the clock service. Our continued investment in the latest analytical equipment available demonstrates ATI's commitment to its customer by providing the most accurate results in terms of safety and regulatory needs in a timely manner.

In August of 2014, Aerofil opened the doors to a new 2,500 square foot Technical Center that is home to the Analytical and Microbiology Labs, as well as the Research and Development Lab. With the new Technical Center, our Technical Group has never been stronger.